New name, new life, new blog!

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this blog. My wonderful adventure in England is sadly over, but I’ve started a new adventure!

I got married about a month ago and my name changed to Ariel Price. My husband, Andrew, and I have moved to Portland, Oregon, where he has a new job and I’ll be starting school in January. I’ve started a new blog about our adventures in Portland… please visit: Thanks!



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3 responses to “New name, new life, new blog!

  1. Arjun Sharma

    Loved ur post πŸ™‚

    would appreciate it if ud visit my blog as well. thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I enjoyed reading your posts about London. That sounds very interesting. Wow, I’d love to get into publishing myself. Maybe some day.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments. I think I’ll go peruse your other blog as well. See you there!

  3. Hello Ariel,

    My name is Steve Zwilling. I was just offered the second step, the tests, for the Anthem Press internship. I was researching the opportunity to make sure it was a legitimate one and I came across your blog. This is not usually my style, but, not only am I interested in the opportunity, i noticed we had a bit in common. Like you I graduated in August of 2010 rounding it out with a study abroad trip. I also graduated hoping to incorporate my English, which was my major, skills to an interesting job, but was not sure what to do. I love reading, writing, well the written word in general.

    I studied to teach English abroad and volunteered for an English language institute, but I am finding that I do not withhold the patience to be teacher. To be a teacher, I believe you have to be passionate about the occupation. I just don’t feel like that when I teach. Stuudents need a trusting and worthy teacher who is incredibly enagaged with them. I don’t want to short the students on the education I received. I think it’s the admirable thing to do.

    Well, in conclusion, I was just curious whether you were open to share your experiences. If not, I completely understand. This is not usually my norm. I hope that I am not coming off as creepy. I just thought you could help considerably. Hope all is well and thank you for your time. My email address is

    If seen as inappropriate, I apologize. Also, please forgive my grammar hiccups, I am doing this on a kindle on the way home from Chicago on a bus. Its quite rocky to say the least.

    Thankfully yours,
    Steve Zwilling

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