Welcome to March!

Almost three weeks in now, and I’m still loving it.

I keep thinking, “I could really get paid to do this?” I have to say, I think I’ve finally found something that I can see myself doing as a career.

I have now finished copyediting two more books, a biography and a collection of short stories. Obviously, the short stories were such a treat. How I had made it this far in life—especially as an English major—without reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Scandal in Bohemia,” I have no idea. I guess that’s the part of this job that I am enjoying the most—the chance to read so many things: things I’ve always wanted to read, things I never wanted to read (but have the chance to be pleasantly surprised by), and things I never would’ve even known about otherwise. I have so many opportunities to enrich my mind.

My other responsibilities have increased as well. I’m in contact with many more authors, asking them to peer review books. And I’m helping my boss with a couple online projects. First, I’m helping to develop the site plan for the website of a new imprint called Thames River Press. For those of you who don’t know, Anthem Press is a small branch or “imprint” of the Wimbledon Publishing Company. While Anthem Press focuses on academic and serious material, Thames River Press will focus more on “trade” books: fiction and non-fiction. I’m part of the team brainstorming what the Thames River Press will become—I’m writing the mission statement and the “About Us” page. Maybe I’m putting more pressure on myself than needed (does anybody really read that stuff anyway?), but I feel like this is a big responsibility and I want to do it well. This directly deals with how the company appears to the public.

Second, I’m also helping to develop the Anthem Press blog. This is exciting because now I feel like there is another reason for me to keep working on this blog, to learn all I can to make the Anthem Press blog the best it can be. I’m also really glad I had experience in charge of the Sigma Tau Delta blog at Azusa Pacific University.

I’m really flattered that I’m being allowed such a role in the company. Maybe it’s really just what everyone does and it’s nothing special, but it’s certainly more than I expected to be able to do. I love that I’m getting real “hands-on” experience that’ll look good on a resume.

But more than that, I’m also really enjoying the other interns. The sad part of this internship is that people are coming and going, so I’m not sure how many really meaningful relationships can be made. Yet so far I’ve enjoyed getting to know a British girl named Katie, who’s been doing graphic design, and a British guy named Rob, who’s the other editing intern (besides me). Most of our conversations have centered on the differences between American and British culture (always a funny topic), but we’ve started getting to know each other and become comfortable. Katie’s last day is tomorrow, but I hope we can stay in contact.

I’ll write again sooner next time, I promise.


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